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Our Story


I was having the time of my life until I contracted a parasite called Entamoeba Histolytica while traveling in Central America with my husband several years back.

Recovery was dark but cathartic and catapulted me headfirst into the field of microbiology, where I became empowered by the radical shift happening in the world of health. I quickly learned that we are not alone: each one of has trillions of microbes living in and on our bodies that take good care of us (if we first take good care of them).

My healing journey brought me face to face with this simple, intuitive reality: if I want to feel, function, and look my very best, I must become mindful of the way I treat my body—including what I put in and on it.

This meant that I had to take a hard look at the plethora of harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients hidden in food, cosmetic, and hygiene products and accept that they affect my health, particularly at the microbial level. With this information, I was transformed into a whole food, gut health activist with a mission to nourish my body with only the cleanest ingredients from nature.

And since my skin is my body’s largest organ, I became determined to avoid exposure to the questionable ingredients in most skincare products: I began hand-crafting my own.

As time passed, it became abundantly clear that we needed to set a new standard in natural skincare, because if products containing 90% clean ingredients (with 10% being impossible to understand) wasn’t good enough for me, it wasn’t good enough for others either.

You see, there are many brands that claim to be natural and even organic, but as soon as you read the label, you realize they are secretly harboring artificial preservatives and other synthetic nasties that can have a toxic effect on your microbes and your health.

We’ve been told that we can’t achieve naturally radiant, timeless, and healthy-looking skin without the use of lab-made ingredients, but I beg to differ.

Just as we deserve to eat clean foods that are completely free from artificial preservatives and artificial ingredients, we deserve a skincare line that gives us the same benefit.

Steadfast, I followed my gut and teamed up with the leading experts in botanical research to create Valentia, a truly honest, natural, and 100% pure skincare line that revitalizes your skin without compromising your health.

Co-founder and Microbial Health Warrior

What’s in a name?

Valentia was a mythical Roman goddess known for going against the grain to utilize nature as the ultimate source of healing. She was bold, determined, and brilliant—and we aspire to be the same.

Why? Because you deserve a skincare line that doesn’t hold you back.

Who We Are

We are a small but devoted team of health and beauty experts, researchers, and creatives working to build a revolutionary, honest, and nature-rooted skincare line that raises the bar for what’s possible.

Valentia supports the Change for Women collective, which is made of our most respected for-purpose organizations working to bring equality and opportunities to women and girls everywhere.

And when I say that we are devoted to your journey toward healthier skin and overall well-being, I mean it. We infuse love and intention into everything we do and are unapologetic in our values and mission to create the world’s cleanest skincare line and enhance the quality of our customers' lives.



When you interact with us, you’ll feel it. You inspire us, and we care about you.

We believe in women. In equal rights. In education. In raising our voices. In leading the way. In making a difference. In empowering others.

We believe in the power of you. In changing the world. In changing the game. In dreaming big dreams. In having it all. In taking action in your own life.

We believe in honoring yourself. In being healthy. In putting first things first. In inner beauty. In feeling strong. In designing a life on your own terms.

We believe in treating yourself. In slowing down. In simple luxuries. In enjoying the journey. In seeing the world. In soaking it all in. In choosing the best.

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