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Amazingly soft skin. I’m not sure about the smell...

I read about chia seed oil and it’s amazing skin benefits so I decided to purchase this product. Upon first application my skin was definitely softer and felt hydrated, however I just can’t get past the smell (hence the 3 stars). I read somewhere that oils high in omega 3 fatty acids, such as this one, tend to have a strong fishy smell only once the fatty acids start to become rancid so I’m hoping that maybe I’m wrong here and the oil is still good. My bottle says the oil expires 9/21 so it still has a couple of months to go. Due to the smell I’m only using it at night, but I still might repurchase only because it’s given my skin a very soft and velvety feel unlike any of the other oils I’ve tried over the years. Plus this oil wears extremely well under my Cerave pm moisturizer without making my skin feel clogged or making my face super oily/shiny like other oils I’ve used. So I definitely do recommend it if you are looking for baby soft skin, however brace yourself for the smell!

Chia Seed Oil

I’ve completely replaced my old moisturizer with this chia seed oil mixed with their Frankincense oil. It works great.

Hair Oil

There's a very slight fishy scent to this reminding me of omega 3 oil supplements. I'm hoping that's normal rather than the product having expired. My preferred way of using this oil is actual on the ends of my hair. I think it absorbs better than other hair oils and doesn't make my hair feel stringy or brittle.