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Revitalize Your Skin and Hair With Just One Ingredient

Revitalize Your Skin and Hair With Just One Ingredient

From protein-rich chia puddings and smoothies to delicious crackers and healthy snacks, there’s just so much to love about chia seeds. Besides being super nutritious and tasty, chia seeds and the oil they provide are gaining recent acclaim for their sumptuous advantages in the beauty department. 

In fact, when it comes to the best oils for skin and hair, chia seed oil is nothing short of a rising superstar! So, to help you two get to know each other better, here’s a little bit about light and lovely chia seed oil and why it’s all you’ll need to revitalize the way you look and feel. 

What Is Chia? 

The Salvia hispanica L. plant, a member of the mint family native to Mexico and South America, produces the small black or white seeds more commonly known as chia. Enjoyed by the peoples of these regions for thousands of years, chia seeds were revered by the Mayans and Aztecs for their nutritional, medicinal, and what they also believed to be supernatural, value. 

When chia seeds are cold pressed, the result is a silky botanical oil with an almost perfect 3:1 ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids—along with nutrients and antioxidants including protein, B vitamins, carotenoids, calcium, iron, magnesium, polyphenols, zinc, and linolenic acid.1 This nutrient profile makes chia seed oil one of the most nourishing treats you can give your skin and hair.

Ancient Seeds for Modern Beauties

Pure chia seed oil helps you care for yourself and reveal your inner goddess in a holistic way you can genuinely feel good about—without risking exposure to synthetic additives, colors, or preservatives. And, this lovely oil is versatile enough to replace a host of skincare staples, allowing you to streamline your routine to clear more time and space for the things that really matter to you. Here’s how chia seed oil can keep you turning heads:

Spa-Like Skincare

When you gently massage this silky oil into your face and around your eyes for a minute or two after cleansing, you’ll experience:

  • Deep moisture that won’t drag you down. As one of the best botanical sources of omega-3 fatty acids around, chia seed oil is deeply hydrating and calming.2 And because it’s a “dry” oil, it also helps lock all that moisture in without ever feeling greasy or heavy. And because it’s one of the faster absorbing artisan oils, all you’ll notice is light, silky coverage that calms and plumps for a subtle, radiant glow.
  • Vibrant visage. Chia seed oil’s unique blend of nutrients, including zinc and vitamin B3, provides nature’s perfect formula for skin brightening to help maintain an even, balanced, and luminous complexion.3
  • Ageless allure. No need to reach for anti-aging creams that contain dangerous chemicals you can’t even pronounce! Chia seed oil delivers nurturing antioxidants, nutrients, and omega-3s to every cell—where they help tone, tighten, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for clear, fresh-faced good looks at any age.

Shiny, Healthy Hair and Nails

It’s time to toss all those expensive chemical hair treatments that may do more harm than good in the long run. Chia’s protein, vitamin, and zinc content provide a safe way to support your hair’s glossy sheen, length, strength, and manageability that’s in harmony with nature. Simply work one to three pumps into damp, freshly washed hair before styling, making sure to saturate dry ends—or add a few drops to your favorite natural shampoo or conditioner. And, chia seed oil is a great, lightweight option for taming flyaways on bad hair days. 

Chia seed oil is also an excellent nail conditioner! Just rub a bit of it into each nail for glossy, healthy nails you may not even want to cover up with polish anymore.

Choosing Your Chia Oil

A whole host of chia seed skincare products are readily available online and in local stores, but for a truly authentic chia seed oil experience, make sure to read labels and choose carefully. Unfortunately, some chia seed oil products are loaded with synthetic preservatives, dyes, and additives you wouldn’t want on your precious skin.

It’s best to opt for a single-ingredient product like Valentia Chia Seed Oil that’s cruelty-free, ethically sourced, free of GMOs, parabens, synthetic additives, and preservatives—and that contains only 100% organic, unrefined, virgin, cold-pressed oil from the seeds of the Salvia hispanica L. plant. 

Introducing chia seed oil to your holistic skincare regimen is a luxurious way to reveal your most gorgeous self to the world. Who knew a tiny seed could help so much beauty blossom?


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