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5 Foods Your Skin Needs Every Day

5 Foods Your Skin Needs Every Day

Whether we’re teenagers in the pursuit of blemish-free skin, or adults navigating our middle-age years (and the inevitable skin changes that come with them!), many of us spend countless hours doing whatever we can to try to achieve smooth, youthful, and clear skin. We buy serums, masks, cleansers, toners, and exfoliators; we drink plenty of water to keep our skin hydrated; and we limit our alcohol intake, all in the hopes of seeing healthy skin.

But there’s one aspect of our daily lives that we don’t always pay enough attention to, especially when it comes to the impact it has on our skin: what we eat.

You see, everything you put in your body has an impact on your body, and your skin is no exception. Here are five key foods that can give your skin that natural glow.

1. Cucumber

When it comes to smooth, wrinkle-free skin, hydration is of the utmost importance. Bursting with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, cucumbers are made of 95% water, and should be your go-to vegetable when you’re trying to keep your body—and your skin—hydrated. Whether you suffer from dry skin or you’re just trying to get more water in your diet, cucumber is a simple way to up your moisture factor.

How to eat it
• Chop ¼ cup on top of your salad
• Season with salt, pepper, and balsamic vinegar
• Peel and chop ½ cup and add it to your favorite melon smoothie
• Combine with watermelon for a tasty, hydrating snack

2. Pineapple

The vitamin C in this sweet fruit helps to boost the production of collagen, the structural protein that keeps your skin plump, firm, and youthful. Bromelain, an enzyme in pineapple with strong anti-inflammatory properties, also helps prevent and repair sun damage, uneven skin tone, and fine lines.

How to eat it
• Add ½ cup into your morning smoothie
• Chop into bite-sized pieces for your midday sweet fix
• Use as a topping on your veggie-rich green salad

3. Spinach

If spending time outdoors is your favorite way to while away an afternoon, add this dark leafy green to your daily diet. Packed with vitamins and minerals that protect the skin from sun damage, boost collagen production, and reduce the appearance of dark spots, spinach is a skincare rock star. And thanks to vitamin K and folate, spinach can also work to eliminate the appearance of dark circles.

How to eat it
• Use spinach as the primary green in your salad
• Steam and season with sea salt
• Saute with coconut oil
• Add a rinsed handful to pasta

4. Blueberries

Blueberries are chock full of anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants that protect the skin from damaging free radicals. Their high vitamin C content also helps to repair skin and improves collagen synthesis. Bonus? The fiber in blueberries promotes good digestive health, which enables your body to get rid of skin-busting toxins.

How to eat it
• Add a handful (frozen or fresh) to your oatmeal or smoothie
• Sweeten your green salad with ½ cup of blueberries
• Use as a yogurt or kefir topping

5. Kale

It may seem like this dark leafy green is always being touted as a cure-all for whatever ails you, but when it comes to kale and the health of your skin, you can believe all the hype. This superstar veggie is packed with minerals and vitamins (like vitamins A, B, and C), and just one serving of kale provides you with a full daily serving of vitamin K. Kale’s antioxidants and phytonutrients help tighten pores, promote collagen production, reduce dark circles, repair skin cells, and detoxify your skin.

How to eat it
• Make your own oven-baked kale “chips”
• Braise with apples and onions
• Add 1 cup of chopped kale to minestrone soup

Skin health is about so much more than what you put on the outside of your body—feeding your skin from the inside out is the key to a beautiful, glowing complexion.

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