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The Magic of Jade Rolling

The Magic of Jade Rolling


If you’ve never experienced the pure joy of a cool, natural stone facial massage, it’s time to explore one of the most exciting new beauty trends: jade rolling.

A Precious Stone Rediscovered

You may be surprised to learn that the lovely green jade you’re familiar with isn’t a single stone at all, it’s actually one of two distinct silicate minerals: nephrite or jadeite. Both are considered authentic jade and are formed from interlocking crystals, giving each jade stone a completely unique pattern and appearance.

Jade has been revered throughout history and was often carefully selected to create priceless art and jewelry. Many traditional cultures believed that jade absorbed negative energy while attracting serenity, health, longevity, protection, and prosperity—so much so that traditional Chinese medicine even refers to jade as the “stone of heaven.”

The centuries old practice of jade rolling was once reserved only for the elite, but thankfully jade has become much more affordable in recent years—making this classic beauty treatment accessible to everyone.

But the thing we love most about jade rolling? It works miracles on puffy skin. Miracles.

The dual-end, cooling goodness of our carefully designed jade roller helps you soothe even the most delicate skin and gives your under eye area the love it deserves. But de-puffing isn’t the only thing to love about jade rolling.

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There are so many other benefits to jade rolling regularly, and they include:

• Better absorption of skincare products: Enhance your natural beauty routine by using your jade roller to massage in all your favorite luscious botanical oils and serums. This simple practice encourages deeper absorption so you can receive maximum benefits from the products you already love and trust.

• Improved skin elasticity: Invigorate your skin through massage for a supple, tight appearance.

Relaxed facial muscles: Most of us aren’t even aware that we hold an incredible amount of tension in our faces, signaling the brain that there’s legitimate reason to worry and contributing to extra “expression wrinkles” over time. Jade rolling soothes tense muscles for a calming experience and fewer of those lines as the years go by.

• A much needed pick-me-up: At the end of a long, stressful day—or to jumpstart your morning when you’re feeling sluggish—gently rolling the cool jade stone over your tired skin will help you look and feel beautifully fresh and renewed.

• Mindful moments: By focusing your attention on the sensation of the jade roller and tuning out the rest of the world, jade rolling becomes an effective mindfulness practice.

How to Use Your Jade Roller

Getting started with your jade roller is super simple. All you need is your jade roller, freshly cleaned skin, and a facial oil that you love.

1. Beginning at the chin, roll upward and outward toward your hairline, using two to four smooth, light strokes in each area.
2. Work your way up to your cheeks, outer eyes, and brows, using the larger roller end on fuller facial areas (like your cheeks) and the smaller roller end on the delicate contours around your nose, mouth, and eyes.
3. Roll over your forehead and temples beginning at the top of the eyebrow and moving toward your hairline.
4. Clean your jade roller regularly with mild soap and water, (especially when using it with oils, lotions, and serums) and dry thoroughly with a soft towel.

When working with your jade roller, apply gentle pressure only; this should feel cool, soothing, and very comfortable. Pro-tip: store your jade roller in the refrigerator prior to use for an ultra-cooling sensation. Feel free to use the roller lightly on your neck, too, if this resonates with you. Perhaps most importantly, relax and savor this nurturing ritual as you take a moment to fully appreciate the beauty of your mind, body, and spirit—a beauty that is unmatched anywhere in the universe.

Choosing the Best Jade Roller

As with any holistic beauty practice, top quality tools are essential to reap the full benefits of jade rolling. That’s why it’s vital to select a high-end jade roller like our Valentia Jade Roller, made from authentic precious jade and other sustainable, ethically sourced, natural materials that are as good for the environment as they are for your body. Be sure that your roller is specifically designed to provide just the right levels of pressure to every inch of your face—and that it doesn’t contain any synthetic materials, dyes, or chemical preservatives.

Jade rolling takes only minutes a day, but it comes with some real lasting beauty benefits. No matter what your age or skin type, this ancient practice offers a deliciously cooling and calming experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, smooth, and glowingly gorgeous inside and out.

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