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7 Best Ways to Pamper Mom for Mother’s Day

7 Best Ways to Pamper Mom for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day has always been one of the sweetest holidays of the year—a fresh spring day to show the moms, grandmoms, and moms-to-be in our lives how much they matter to us. With this Mother’s Day arriving in the midst of a pandemic though, it’s suddenly not possible to gather around the table for family meals and hugs, or even to give the moms in our lives popular gifts like spa certificates or theater tickets.

While we’re all dearly missing close human contact right now, there are still lots of ways to nurture Mom’s spirit this Mother’s Day and to give her an experience that makes her feel totally appreciated, pampered, and loved. Here are seven winning ideas that will absolutely make Mom’s day.

1. Home Spa Facial

There’s nothing like a spa facial to make Mom feel pampered and radiant on her special day. When your gift contains all the right essentials, she can treat herself to “the works” without having to venture out anywhere.

Our luxurious Clean Beauty Starter Set has everything Mom needs to cleanse, tone, smooth, brighten, tighten—and even diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The home facial set contains:

  • Cleansing Milk to gently wash away dirt, sweat, makeup, and dead skin cells.
  • Rose Water to tone and nourish while treating the senses to the most heavenly scent.
  • Vitamin B3 Serum, Chia Seed Oil, and Vitamin C Cream to nourish, brighten, hydrate, and reveal ageless beauty.
  • Hyaluronic Acid Serum to improve skin texture and diminish the appearance of fine lines.

For a more targeted restorative facial, our Serum Set teams up three unique and powerful serums: Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B3. These botanical formulas can be smoothed on alone or in combination any time hydration, brightening, or repair is desired.

2. Whole Body Home Spa Treatment

For a rejuvenating head-to-toe home spa appointment any time Mom needs a blissful escape, our Self-Care Set delivers loving attention to both face and body. All she has to do is close a door, turn on her favorite relaxing tunes, and let this box of self care work its magic. Mom’s home spa day begins with a silky Cleansing Oil treatment and then continues with an invigorating all-over dry brushing to get her blood moving as it exfoliates and reduces the appearance of cellulite. A cooling jade roller provides the finishing touch, leaving her feeling refreshed as it minimizes puffiness.

3. Happy Baby Belly!

All too often, moms-to-be only receive baby gifts on Mother’s Day. While all that tiny baby stuff is unquestionably adorable, expectant moms need special pampering and recognition right now, too—especially as they prepare to welcome a beautiful new life into the world.

Give that baby bump some much-deserved TLC with a rich and creamy Belly Butter. This comforting formula combines three luscious organic butters (shea, cocoa, and mango) with a host of luxurious botanicals to gently soothe expanding skin and help maintain hydration and elasticity, while discouraging stretch marks, scars, and itchiness.

Additional personal gifts that reflect the one-of-a-kind individual each expectant mom is and the miraculous journey she’s on also help her feel understood and cared for this Mother’s Day. We really love:

  • Beautifully bound journals
  • Whole body pillows
  • Cozy maternity PJs
  • Supplies for individual hobbies and passions (paints, crafting materials, musical instruments, tools, hiking boots, online yoga class subscriptions, etc.)
  • Non-alcoholic wine or champagne and elegant stemware
4. Grounding Crystal Solace

The recent drastic change in our daily routines has likely left the special mom in your life craving a sense of earthy groundedness. Moms and grandmothers alike will appreciate the timeless serenity of our Smoky Quartz Grounding Pendant. Lovingly crafted from hand-selected, fair-trade stones, each crystal rests in a simple classic gold setting.

Smoky quartz is believed to help ground one’s personal energy and to encourage the wearer to stay focused in the present moment. This makes the pendant perfect for meditation sessions or just getting through the ups and downs of each day. And the necklace itself is absolutely gorgeous, so Mom will feel beautiful and appreciated every time she wears it.

5. Lasting Blooms

A fresh flower delivery might brighten Mom’s day—but before long those colorful blossoms will inevitably begin to look like something from a creepy horror movie. That’s why we’re so excited about the idea of giving flower growing kits for Mother’s Day. These kits (widely available online) arrive with everything needed to grow a living, flowering plant that keeps filling the room with color, fragrance, and hope over the long haul.

Not sure which type of flower is right for your Mom? These traditional flower meanings may help you decide:

  • Sunflower: Bright life and full of love
  • Marigold: Passion, creativity, and prosperity
  • Daisy: Innocence, patience, loyalty, and simplicity
  • Zinnia: Remembrance, absent dear ones, affection, and goodness

Dahlia: Everlasting love and elegance

6. Relaxation, Nutrition, and Rejuvenation in a Single Bottle

It’s not often that you’ll find a skincare ingredient that not only hydrates, but also literally nourishes and calms the body. That’s why our Magnesium Oil is an unexpectedly far-reaching Mother’s Day gift. Magnesium is one of those rare nutrients that’s well absorbed through the skin, allowing this unique oil to encourage rest and relaxation, soothe tired muscles, and replenish the body’s essential magnesium as it beautifies.

7. Sustainable Bounty

What if you could find a Mother’s Day gift that dependably kept fresh food on Mom’s table while also supporting neighborhood farmers? The gift of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share from a nearby farm does just that—providing a weekly delivery or pickup of seasonal, locally grown produce. Some farms even include eggs, dairy, meat, fish, grains, and flowers in their CSA share boxes, pretty much covering all the grocery bases. And CSA boxes are often full of fun surprises, which means Mom gets to try all kinds of yummy new healthy foods like sunchokes, watermelon radishes, and heirloom apple varieties.

If a CSA share isn’t in your budget or you don’t have any farms in your area, consider ordering a multi-course dinner from Mom’s favorite restaurant to be delivered to her on Mother’s Day. This way you’re still putting nourishing food on her table and helping to keep her local economy strong.

Even with social distancing measures in place, it’s still possible to give mom a loving experience that truly touches her soul. Wishing you all a healthy, happy, and nurturing Mother’s Day this season—and may next year’s holiday bring us all safely together around the table once again.

It’s still possible to give mom a loving experience that truly touches her soul. Whether you want to give her an at-home spa day, or would prefer to take her into nature, here are a few simple ideas to help celebrate mom. | While we’re all dearly missing close human contact right now, there are still lots of ways to nurture Mom’s spirit this Mother’s Day and to give her an experience that makes her feel totally appreciated, pampered, and loved. Here are seven winning ideas that will absolutely make Mom’s day.

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