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Very nice

Goes on smooth. Love the texture. Haven't had long enough to say if it actually makes a difference but overall I like it alot and priced right. Love that it is natural ingredients unlike most pricey eyecreams.

The BEST eye cream!

I purchased this product with low expectations (not because of the Valentia products --- THEY ARE GREAT) just because I have not had much success with eye creams in the past (natural non toxic variety --- I do not use toxic chemicals due to health issues). I was shocked, in a good way, how effective and wonderful this eye cream is. It is by far the BEST I have ever used. Valentia eye cream firms my skin around my eye and brightens underneath my eyes. I love the subtle smell. I will be purchasing more soon. I have noticed a difference in my skin complexion and texture. I am very pleased.

Good for Picky Skin

Many times under-eye products are too heavy for my skin and end up clogging it. Not so with this. I still take it easy and don't use it every night, but on nights I do my dark circles look a little less dark. (I've not yet tried this for day use.) An excellent, creamy texture and I love the smell too--very herbal and lasts for a few minutes.

Simple in love with valentia❣️

I never thought that organic could be so fascinating, the eye cream is excellent with a smooth texture, its scent is pleasant and easy to absorb, allowing your eyes to look relaxed😘

Does What I Wanted!

Can't give a 5-star because don't know yet if prolonged use will help with crow's feet, etc. but what I wanted was an eye cream that doesn't pill under makeup. This does not! In fact I think I happened upon the website by Googling eye cream that doesn't pill. I like the feeling of this cream very much. It is expensive, but you don't need much!