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Karen Thomas
Wonderful oil

Was thrilled to start using this vitamin E oil. Love the pump dispenser and the oil is clear and extremely effective on my skin. Love ❤️ it.

Vitamin E feel the difference

I really like the Vitamin E oil. I like to mix it with the Hemp Seed Oil and use it as my regular body lotion. The oil is very thick, so it works better for me when I mix it with another lighter oil.

Shannon C
Love this oil

I’m pregnant & have been using this with the jojoba oil (1 pump vit e + 3 pumps jojoba) for my belly + breasts. I love this combo, the vitamin e on its own is a bit thick but mixed with the jojoba it’s perfect. Very moisturizing & goes on smoothly & no overpowering scents. Absorbs fairly quickly & haven’t had any issues of it getting on my clothes. So far no stretch marks (currently 5mos) & will continue to use this combo so it hopefully stays this way. Just bought 2 more today :)

Marla Walker
Love this Vitamin E Oil

I have been using this oil faithfully for the past 6 months. It has become part of my daily routine. Wonderful as a natural lip balm!

Hannah Kramer
Always solid

I was very excited for this product, I got it as a gift around Christmas time. It's been nearly impossible to use because it is always in a solid state. I can't pump out anything even if I soak the bottle in hot water for 15 minutes. I thought this would be less of an issue when the weather got warmer but it is still a problem. I just finally got the whole thing to turn to liquid by soaking the bottle for 3 hours in water, we will see how log the liquid state lasts. Unfortunately, I find the non-natural vitamin e to work much better, not just ease of use, but also how well it works on my skin. I've already switched back to that.