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Love this Vitamin E Oil

I have been using this oil faithfully for the past 6 months. It has become part of my daily routine. Wonderful as a natural lip balm!

Always solid

I was very excited for this product, I got it as a gift around Christmas time. It's been nearly impossible to use because it is always in a solid state. I can't pump out anything even if I soak the bottle in hot water for 15 minutes. I thought this would be less of an issue when the weather got warmer but it is still a problem. I just finally got the whole thing to turn to liquid by soaking the bottle for 3 hours in water, we will see how log the liquid state lasts. Unfortunately, I find the non-natural vitamin e to work much better, not just ease of use, but also how well it works on my skin. I've already switched back to that.

acetate is not natural !!!

It's a synthetic version of vitamin E.

The Real Deal

Had a mole removed, have been applying the Vitamin E Oil, good results! This is the real deal, no imitation garbage.

crystallized vitamin e !

I ordered various oils from Valentia back in early November. I JUST received them. If you live in Canada, I suggest you look elsewhere as shipping was ridiculously slow. The first shipment got lost and the second shipment was shipped on 10 Dec 2020. I received the shipment on 11 Jan 2021.
As for the vitamin e oil, I am extremely disappointed after having waited 3 months.
The contents of the entire bottle was like crystallized honey inside and completely unusable. Not sure what caused it as other oils in the shipment were fine.
Very very disappointed as I was expecting better quality and better quality control.