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Bahati Kidayi
Love the smell

I love the earthy smell and the lightness of the oil. Does not feel heavy and it's mostly beneficial as a night serum.

Lori Manning
Great for a glow

I really like how this serum makes my face look and feel but I’m not crazy about the smell. I wish that it was a little bit more appealing visually.

Love! Love!

I love the way my skin feels so soft & supple. I especially Love the way it smells! The scent lingers slightly and I love that too!

Can’t get past the strong incense-like smell of this.

I’m a little disappointed with this. The pump didn’t work upon receipt so I need to unscrew it and pour some out every time I want to use it. It’s a pain. The color of the serum is brown, which is a little off-putting at first but not a big deal. What I can’t get past is the smell. It smells like patchouli or similar. It’s a heavy earthy, musky smell. I love any products with a ginger-like scent and this definitely doesn’t smell like ginger even though that’s one of the ingredients. Unfortunately the smell stays for hours after application. I really don’t want my serums leaving such a strong scent on my face, so I’ve stopped using it for the time-being until I have nothing else left to use. Really disappointed with this. I can’t speak to any skin-enhancing results as I just can’t get past the smell to use it long enough.

Vitamin B3

Love this! If I get any type of blemish this stuff makes it disappear right away.