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Eat Your Way to Beautiful Skin + Smoothie Recipe

Eat Your Way to Beautiful Skin + Smoothie Recipe


The health of our skin starts deep beneath the surface. As a matter of fact, the products you apply to your skin should be considered the final step in a full-spectrum routine to protect, nurture, and hydrate. 

We’re firm believers that healthy, glowing skin starts with the food you eat, all the way down to the microbial level. To put it simply, the foods you eat are in direct communication with your immune system. So, when you eat foods rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and active cultures (think yogurt, kefir, and kimchi), you’re not only helping your system ward off illness, but you’re also promoting good bacteria on the skin—the flora that helps fight off the stressors and environmental threats that lead to fine lines, breakouts, and other skincare challenges. 

Now that we all have a bit more time to focus on our health and well-being, it’s time to take a look at beauty holistically, and it starts with some kitchen staples you probably already have!

Food for the Soul & Skin

Packed with some of the best sources of dairy-free calcium and vitamin E, almonds are rich with skin nourishing antioxidants. They also supply us with much-need magnesium, which is vital to our body’s natural production of hyaluronic acid

Green Tea
Green tea contains the powerful antioxidant catechin—a proven anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. Sipping on a cup of green tea in the morning is the easiest way to jumpstart your day.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes have high vitamin C and E levels, which help to boost collagen production and support brighter skin. But even more important, they contain beta carotene, an antioxidant that converts to vitamin A once consumed. Vitamin A is one of the many nutrients responsible for the regeneration of our skin cells.

Avocados help us hydrate and protect skin from the inside out. With rich monounsaturated fatty acids, these gorgeous and creamy green fruits help nourish skin at the cellular level. They’re also rich in the B vitamin, Biotin, which helps keep skin, hair, and nails healthy. 

Bell Pepper
Another vitamin A-rich vegetable, bell peppers support healthy skin. They also have vitamin C, which encourages collagen production and strengthens the skin barrier. 

Oxidative damage is what causes skin to lose moisture, leading to sagging and wrinkling. Broccoli is full of zinc, copper, vitamin C, and lutein, a carotenoid that works like beta carotene to maintain a healthy, hydrated skin barrier.


The small, fragrant garlic clove does a whole lot for skin. Due to the allicin content, along with its antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antiseptic properties, garlic can help with skin puffiness and breakouts. 

Skin Food On-The-Go

While many of the foods above need to be prepared with larger meals, you can still support your skin when you’re on-the-go. Try our favorite vegan beauty smoothie for a shot of skin-boosting vitamins and a glass!

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